How to use Remote Desktop from a Mac

Shawn Garvey -

1) Ensure that you have a working, enabled Internet connection.

2) In Finder select Go -> Applications


3) In the window that opens find “Remote Desktop Connection” and double click it. If you do not find “Remote Desktop Connection”, please submit a SchoolDude and have your IT Specialist install it.


4) On the window that pops up, enter "" for the computer and click Connect.

5) Enter the same username\password that you use to access your email. Enter “DISTRICT287” for the Domain. Click “OK”.

6) You may see a message about an incorrect certificate. If so, just click “Connect”.

7) You will then be presented with a remote desktop. Although this is a different desktop than the one you normally see, you will still be able to access the same H:, S:, and T: drives and common office applications. If you can’t see the Start Menu at the bottom of the screen, press Command + 1.

Do not store any files on this desktop. Only store files in your H: drive.

When you exit remote access ONLY click “Start” and then “Log Off” to end the session.

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